233 м²
Anastasiia Struchkova, Denis Krasikov

A lounge bar on the outskirts of the city in the loft style. The main objective of the project was to create a cozy bar in the premises of the former grain store. At the heart of the interior, there is a combination of the brutal loft aesthetics with sophisticated elements of a modern style. The combination of untreated wood and gold fine details. And the calligraphy used on the walls made the room more memorable.

Before replanning, the room was an elongated hangar with beams at a height of about 6 meters and a sloping roof. It was immediately decided to divide the space into two floors to increase the area and number of seats. Thus, the balcony appeared in the hall above the bar counter. And the closed lounge area was arranged over the service spaces in the depth.

Painting prevails in the finishing of the walls. Part of the walls is decorated with moldings. The area of the stairs and the wall of the toilet are decorated with black strips of wood. Metal rods and sheets of corrugated plexiglass alternate on the railing of the stairs and the fence of the balcony of the second floor.

On the first floor, there is self-leveling floor in imitation of concrete. On the floor, there is infographics, painted on concrete with stencils. On the second floor, there is a vinyl coating, into which two strips of the LED profile are mounted.

The ceiling beams had been there before replanning, they were only tinted. The ceiling above the balcony is decorated with strips of wood in order to hide the ventilation system and make the space cozier.

Almost all the furniture is made to order in local workshops. Table legs are made in the form of classic balusters. Black sofas have no external upholstery, which makes them brutal. The space between the tables is divided by metallic racks with wood inserts.

There are many lighting scenarios in the space. Incandescent lamps cascade down from the ceiling at the entrance on the first floor. Above the tables, there are suspension lamps with lampshades in the form of transparent glass balls. Metal suspension lamps and sconces on the second floor are made to order according to individual sketches.

Budget category:

1. Entry 10,6 м² 
2. Dining 41,6 м² 
3. Bar 15,4 м² 
4. Restroom 11,3 м² 
5. Storage 6,1 м² 
6. Staff restroom 1,6 м² 
7. Sink area 12,9 м² 
8. Preparation area 14 м² 
9. Hall 5,9 м² 
10. Cooking area 5,4 м² 
11. Storage 9 м² 
12. Breakroom 7,3 м² 
13. Dining 54,8 м² 
14. Hall  2 м² 
15. Storage 3 м² 
16. Storage 3 м² 
17. Private dining 28,9 м² 

Total area 232,8 м² 
Number of seats 51-74