Living room
43 м²
Denis Krasikov, Anastasiia Struchkova

The project of the kitchen-dinner in St. Petersburg. Dark, muted tones, the abundance of metal and matte surfaces allowed to create a unique, mysterious and fascinating atmosphere. After all, the atmosphere and spirit make any project complete and unique.

The integrated space of the kitchen-dinner is separated by a loft partition of glass and metal. Part of the walls is painted, the wall behind the TV is finished with black strips, the pier between the windows is covered with decorative plaster with a lettering in the form of a motivational inscription.

There is the light French Christmas tree parquet on the floor in the living area. In the kitchen, the floor is self-leveling. The transition between the flooring materials is separated by the metal profile in the form of a zigzag.

In the kitchen area, there are two types of facades - black minimalist and facades covered with sheets of copper. In the living area, dark furniture is combined with furniture of light natural shades.

Despite the fact that many dark shades are used in the interior, there is enough light in the room thanks to two large windows and the light floor. Spotlights and track lights, which are complemented by several decorative suspension lamps and lighting behind the rod, are used as the main lighting.

Undoubtedly, this interior is not for everyone, but those who are "in the loop" will duly appreciate this place.

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