40 м²
Denis Krasikov, Anastasiia Struchkova, Marina Tsoi

The project of the apartment for a young girl from Moscow. The main objective of the project was to create a stylish and interesting room. The customer is interested in books and hookahs, so it was necessary to provide shelves for books and a place for rest. She doesn't like cooking, so the kitchen should be as compact as possible.

Minimalism with loft elements was chosen as the main style. The space itself with high ceilings, ceiling beams and a panoramic window already set a special mood. When replanning, it was decided to use the minimum of partitions. A large loft window, which transmits light and visually connects two spaces, was cut through the wall between the kitchen-dinner and the wardrobe.

The main color range is monochrome. Light grey walls, ceiling and textiles, dark floor, black metallic elements, and a bit of light wood on the facades of the cabinet furniture. The muted and strict color range is broken by bright accent details: yellow bed design, red mirror frame in the hallway and multi-colored parts of the shelving under the window.

The room has several lighting scenarios. For even illumination of the entire space, rotary track and spot lights are used. The kitchen and bedroom areas are decorated with minimalist metallic chandeliers. In the rest area on the windowsill, there is a wall lamp for reading.

The minimum of decor is used in the space, only a few black and white posters and decorative pillows on the windowsill. The main element of the decor is a poster with a panda, which adds charm and informality to the space.

Budget category:

1. Hall 4,92 кв.м.
2. Dressing room 6,14 кв.м
3. Living room 25,53 кв.м
4. Bathroom 3,98 кв.м

Total area: 40,57 кв.м