12,2 m²
Barcelona, Spain
Denis Krasikov

The winning project of the competition for the best bathroom design, organized by plumbing manufacturer Salini S.R.L. The interior was created specifically for the competition, but its prototype was a real project in Spain. The main features of the room are a French casement window opening onto the balcony and a small stove.

There is a free-standing bath on a marble podium in the center of the room. The walls, painted in a complex cherry color, are complemented by the dark grey enameled MDF panels. The interior has a lot of copper parts - copper plumbing, a table, the frames of the mirror and the painting, window fittings, a cache pot and metallic elements of the lamp above the bathroom. There are handmade cement tiles with a geometric pattern on the floor. The color of the tiles repeats the color of the walls.

The design is based on the contrast of matte and shiny surfaces. The dark matte finishing of the room becomes an excellent background for glossy white plumbing, which has the primary role to play in the room.

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