81,6 м²
Denis Krasikov, Anastasiia Struchkova

The apartment in a modern style for a young woman with her son. The client’s main wishes were: a kitchen with an extra bed to accommodate guests; the maximum possible amount of storage space, and a single bedroom and shower area, separated from the rest of the apartment. Style, coziness and comfort – as a matter of course.

Scandinavian minimalism prevails in the overall style of the apartment, and diarchy reigns in the finishing of the rooms. Calm, light and even delicate shades of the kitchen, bedroom, hallway and shower - for the hostess, and more contrast, bold colors - in the son’s room and bathroom.

The bedroom and the bathroom of the hostess were united into one single room separated by the metal partition with the curtain. Another partition separates the hall and hallway, visually zoning the space and making it cozier.

Painting prevails in the finishing of the walls. Moldings are used in some places. The floor is covered with parquet planks, which are also used on the wall behind the bed in the bedroom. In the hallway, kitchen and bathroom, there are tiles in imitation of wood, as close as possible in color and texture to the parquet planks used in other rooms.

The apartment has a lot of places to store clothes and shoes, beginning with two wardrobes in the hallway and ending with a storage system in the bedroom. In the hallway, there is a vitrine with lighting for storing especially favorite shoes.

Budget category:

1. Hall 17,15 м²
2. Kitchen 16,14 м²
3. Childroom 17,01 м²
4. Bedroom 19,06 м²
5. Bathroom 5,21 м²
6. Shover 6,49 м²

Total area: 81,6 м²