106,2 м²
Denis Krasikov, Anastasiia Struchkova

The project of the apartment in a modern style for a young family with two children. The main objective of the design was to create a comfortable space for living, receiving guests, in which each family member would have his own personal space.

The owners have a lot of things, for which it was necessary to provide storage places, including those for bicycles and other sports equipment. It was important to make the living room as large and comfortable for receiving guests as possible, and design the kitchen so that the person who cooks could take a share in the conversation and see the people in the living room. And they also really wanted to have two full-fledged secluded workplaces, which, as it initially seemed, could not be arranged. The children’s room should be designed so that there was enough space for games, sleep and study of two hyperactive children.

Initially, the apartment had a long and narrow corridor from the entrance to the bathroom door. We decided to reduce it, and add the vacated space to the living room. The kitchen is integrated with a loggia, where a comfortable workplace for the hostess is organized. We also managed to provide, albeit a small but secluded study for the owner, which can be entered from the kitchen. The laundry room is organized in one of the toilets.

The project is made in a modern style with elements of Scandinavian minimalism and loft. The main color range of the interior is light with color accents - grey and white colors are broken by dark deep shades. Painting is used in the finishing of almost all walls and ceilings. The floor is covered with parquet planks. Handmade cement tiles, custom-made in a local workshop, are used on the kitchen floor and on the "splashback". Loft elements - metal partitions, a barn door, a slab coffee table– are used in the finishing and furniture.

Almost all the furniture was made to order in local workshops. This applies to both cabinet and upholstered furniture, as well as wooden items.

The apartment has a lot of places to store clothes and shoes, including two wardrobes in the hallway (bicycles, skis, snowboards, etc. will be stored in one of them), a large wardrobe for storing clothes and household items in the living room, and wardrobes in the bedroom and the children’s room.

Budget category:

1. Hall 7,8 кв.м
2. WC 2,6 кв.м
3. Study 3 кв.м
4. Kitchen 13,7 кв.м
5. Balcony 4,4 кв.м
6. Living room 31,1 кв.м
7. Hall 3,7 кв.м
8. Bedroom 15,8 кв.м
9. Bathroom 4,8 кв.м
10. Childroom 19,3 кв.м

Total area: 106,2 кв.м