140 м2
Anastasiia Struchkova, Denis Krasikov

The apartment was designed for a couple with a child. The main objective was to create a cozy, modern interior, comfortable for life. Organic materials and natural colors came to the rescue.

The free layout and large footage allowed us to design comfortable public and private areas: on one side of the hallway, there is a living room, combined with a kitchen and a dining room, and a study, on the other - a master bedroom and a children's room. In addition, the project included three bathrooms: a bathroom, a guest bathroom, and a laundry room with a shower. The presence of a spacious dressing room didn’t release from built-in wardrobes in the bedroom and the children’s room: we know that you can never have too much storage space.

In the course of work, we tried to combine classic motifs of finishing with details of loft and minimalism styles. So, the ready-made kitchen and all storage cabinets are made in a modern minimalist interpretation: smooth facades, primarily with hidden or inconspicuous handles. The classic finishing of the dining area is broken by baluster slab. The floor is covered with natural stone, slate. In the finishing of the bedroom walls, classic panels were used in combination with block parquet and strips of different widths. The study is visually zoned into two parts: in the working area, the walls and the ceiling are concrete, they support the loft style; in the sofa area, on the contrary, the classic design continues: the smooth white ceiling and grey wall panels framed by moldings.

The interior turned out to be seamless due to the color range which repeats in each room, and natural materials: wood, glass, stone and textiles in soft pastel shades.

Budget category:

1. Hall 19,2 кв.м
2. Living room 20,8 кв.м
3. Kitchen 17,6 кв.м
4. Study 19,8 кв.м
5. Bedroom 19 кв.м
6. Balcony 8,7 кв.м
7. Childroom 17,2 кв.м
8. Bathroom 4,8 кв.м
9. WC 1,9 кв.м2
10. Laundry 4,8 кв.м
11. Dressing room 6 кв.м

Total area: 139,8 кв.м