74 м²
Anastasiia Struchkova, Dasha Savina, Denis Krasikov

The project of a three-room apartment in the old fund for a young couple. The main objective was to create a bright, cozy interior, which will not become out-of-date in 10 years. The apartment is designed in modern style, in which classic elements in the finishing are combined with minimalist furniture and details in the loft style.

Before replanning, the apartment had four small narrow rooms, a kitchen, a toilet, a bathroom and a long narrow corridor that connected them all. We dismantled all the old partitions and completely reorganized the space. The result was a spacious kitchen-dinner, a cozy bedroom and a study. We managed to expand the long narrow corridor a little bit, and glass loft partitions made it lighter and visually connected with the other rooms.

Painting prevails in the finishing of the walls. Part of the walls is decorated with moldings. At the owner’s request, the floor is covered with the light French Christmas tree, which is complemented by marbled porcelain tiles in the kitchen, in the hallway and in the bathroom. Light and natural shades in the finishing are combined with the complex light grey-green color of the walls in the living room, intense blue - in the bedroom and dark green - in the bathroom.

Spotlights and track lights, which are complemented by various decorative suspension lamps, are used as the main lighting. All windows have shutters instead of the usual curtains.

One of the features of the project is the abundance of built-in storage systems. There are several wardrobes in the niches in the corridor. The roomy cabinet system with a TV set - in the living room. The bedroom has a small dressing room.

Budget category:

1. Entry 6,66 м²
2. Hall 10,09 м²
3. Living room 27,03 м²
4. Bedroom 10,28 м²
5. Dressing room 2,55 м²
6. Cabinet 10,79 м²
7. Shover 3,71 м²
8. WC 0,84 м²
9. Laundry 2,12 м²

Total area: 74,07 м²