112 м²
Sulzano, Italy
Ksiusha Shkolnikova, Anastasiia Struchkova

The design project was developed for a young married couple. The main objective of the project was to preserve the feeling of a summer house on the shores of lake, but to add more functionality. As often happens, the tastes of the owners of the house were very different. Therefore, the main task was to combine cool minimalism with the coziness of a country house. The whole project is based on contrast. On the combination of the warmth of natural wood, a large number of soft textures with cold technological functionality.

The first floor is divided into 2 levels. We emphasized zonality by using different flooring materials. For ease of use and cleaning, the kitchen and dining area is distinguished by large-format porcelain tiles. And the parquet plank was used to make the living room area warm and cozy. A lot of wood is used in this room, and it is filled with decorative elements in the form of ropes, a vase with dried flowers, an open part of the fireplace with a compartment for storing firewood. The house has almost no overhead lighting, and wall and table lamps create a more intimate and cozier atmosphere in the evenings. Storage racks for books and open shelves for decoration are placed around the fireplace. All this brings more life into the room and makes it more friendly.

The kitchen area is designed in a more minimalist style. This is where functionality plays the primary role. The small kitchen area dictates the need to use the island as a place for cooking. A wine cooler is installed in it, and a shelf for storing wine bottles is located above the island - it is both a decorative element and a functional item. The owner of the house is a great wine connoisseur. The facades of the kitchen work by contrast too, the cold palette of the kitchen is broken by wooden facades and items. Above the dining room, there is the original lamp placed in this house at the end of the 60s by the previous owners. This element is a connecting link between the past and the present.

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