192 м²
Dasha Savina. Denis Krasikov, Dmitrii Dunaev, Denis Krasikov Marina Tsoi

The design of the house for a young family with children. The main objective of the project was to create a cozy and comfortable interior.

On the first floor, there is a living room, a kitchen-dinner and a small bathroom with a storage room. On the second floor, there is a master bedroom, a spacious bathroom and a study. On the third – a children's room, a game room, a guest bedroom and a separate bathroom.

Despite the large area of the house, the use of every square meter was functionally thought out. For example, there is a small bathroom in the space under the flight of stairs on the first floor. And we managed to place a spacious storage room for sports equipment in front of the entrance space.

A lot of natural light wood and neutral monochrome colors used in the project are broken by bright accents. It is green upholstered furniture in the light grey living room. In the monochrome dining room, it is mustard chairs. On the upper floors, blue walls and light burgundy textiles act as accents. Various combinations of these four complex shades allow to add individuality to each room, while maintaining the overall style of the house.

The hallway is separated from the living room by a metallic loft partition. On the walls of the living room and the flight of stairs, there is decorative brick, which adds coziness to the room. The flight of stairs is finished with wooden panels. Strips of wood, which set a special rhythm, are used instead of the railing. Textured plaster is used on the walls in the bedrooms, the game room and the children’s room.

Budget category:

1st floor:

1. Hall 6,39 м²
2. Living room 24,71 м²
3. WC 6,90 м²
4. Stairs 8,42 м²
5. Storage 3,59 м²
6. Kitchen 19,47 м²

2nd floor:

7. Stairs 4,37 м²
8. Hall 8,48 м²
9. Bathroom 13,82 м²
10. Bedroom 17,23 м²
11. Balcony 7,00 м²
12. Study 14,80 м²

3rd floor:

13. Stairs 4,44 м²
14. Bathroom 4,10 м²
15. Bedroom 9,92 м²
16. Playroom 20,77 м²
17. Childroom 18,83 м²

Total area: 192,81 м²