60 m2
Berlin, Germany
Denis Krasikov

Loft project in Berlin. The main objective of the project was to create a series of commercial images that would help to rent out the property in a profitable way. There was no clear specification for this project. The main thing was to create a stylish interior, to convey the loft atmosphere and show the benefits of the space.

The interior is designed in a classic loft style. The most significant feature of this style is large open spaces. Therefore, the open planning was preserved in the room, only a small partition of glass and metal separates the kitchen from the living room.

The design is based on the contrast of shabby surfaces and modern minimalist furniture. Natural materials prevail in the finishing. Old concrete was preserved on the walls. The floor is covered with parquet planks made of light wood and dark grey porcelain tiles.

Cold shades prevail in the color range. Different shades of grey, white and natural wood are complemented by a few dark blue and blue accents.

The room has several lighting scenarios. Track lights are responsible for the main light. They are complemented by suspension lamps, floor lamps and sconces in different functional areas.

The loft is delivered, the client is happy, we are twice as happy.

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