130 m2
Denis Krasikov

The project of the apartment in industrial style for the chief editor of a major Russian gaming magazine. The main objective was to create a brutal, gloomy, but at the same time cozy atmospheric interior. The main color range of the apartment is mostly dark. Grey is one of the most noble colors, and in combination with the color of wood, it helped to achieve the necessary cozy atmosphere. The apartment owner often works at home, so it was important to create a comfortable workplace. For this purpose, one room was designed as a study.

The study is divided into 2 zones, because the owner’s work consists not only in editing the magazine, but also in testing games and writing reviews. Therefore, it was important to provide a large plasma, a place for a console and a comfortable sofa. The zones are separated from each other by a partition made of a wide beam. In general, the beam and strips are used everywhere in the apartment decoration and are a connecting link between the rooms, along with the parquet plank and the overall range of colors.

The kitchen is integrated with the living room. But if wished, they can be divided with the help of a sliding partition. The role of the dining table is played by the bar counter for 3 seats. The ready-made kitchen itself is made in the classic Scandinavian style, which added home coziness and comfort. At the same time, the dark color of the facades is combined with the deliberate brutality of the rest of the room.

The overall dark color range of the apartment is broken by bright details, such as: a huge picture with modern painting in the bedroom, a yellow door on barn hinges in the hallway, triangular tiles and effects of various textures. A great number of different lamps helped to develop options of lighting scenarios, thanks to which the desired tone can be set in the room.

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