55,76 м²
Denis Krasikov, Anastasiia Struchkova, Marina Tsoi

The project of a two-room apartment for a young couple. The main objective was to create a stylish interior that resembles the interior of an expensive modern hotel.

The spirit of the project creates a combination of materials of different color and texture - paint, furniture and tiles of dark colors, decorative plaster in imitation of concrete and brass, glass and natural wood. Glass partitions with tinted dark glass, as well as metal and concrete objects make the interior technology-oriented and strict. And built-in LED lights, parquet plank and large floor-standing plants add coziness and warmth. The main range is monochrome - grey, black, plus the natural color of wood and bright emphases in finishing and furniture.

Despite the small area of the apartment, we managed to place all the things needed in it and at the same time preserve the sense of spaciousness and freedom. This was made possible due to a carefully thought-out layout and the abundance of built-in wardrobes and other storage spaces. In the bedroom area, in addition to the traditional bed and wardrobe, we managed to place a cozy "green" corner for relaxation and reading. There was also a place for a large separate dressing room with a laundry room and two entrances - from the hallway, and from the bedroom. Almost all the furniture is made to order according to the designer’s sketches.


Budget category:

1. Hall 3,52 м²
2. Dressing room 5,57 м²
3. Bedroom 15,08 м²
4. Living room 24,24 м²
5. Balcony 3,58 м²
6. Shover 3,77 м²

Total area 55,76 м²