109,86 м²
Ksiusha Shkolnikova, Denis Krasikov, Aidar Kharlamov

The project of a three-room apartment. The main objective of the project was to create a stylish modern interior for a family with two children. The project is based on simplicity, functionality, practicality, clear lines, geometrical shapes, open spaces and a minimum of decor. The project is based on contrasts: warm natural floor and cold walls, light and dark colors, different in texture and fabric design. Natural materials and colors dominate in the project.

The main room of the apartment is a spacious kitchen-dinner. Various lighting scenarios, allowing to create a cozy twilight in certain areas, were developed for the space. The kitchen area is made in dark tones - the black facade of the ready-made kitchen and the island are complemented by the dark stone worktop and splashback. In the living room area, a spacious mustard sofa is combined with a wall of a secondary blue color, concrete panels on the wall and natural wooden parquet and window portal.

The bedroom is a single private area with a wardrobe and a shower room. The monochrome zone of the bedroom is broken by natural wood and the secondary burgundy color. The bedroom has an unusual lighting system. Lamps at the head of the bed shine into the wall - the result is an unusual diffused light. The same technique is repeated in the shower - the lamp is directed into the mirror, which creates an interesting trick of the light.

The children's room is made in neutral tones. We tried to make the room as spacious as possible in order to save space for active games. As in the rest of the apartment, mainly natural materials are used, both in decoration and in furniture. When designing the children’s room, we took the idea of a “clean slate” as a basis - we tried to make the room as minimal as possible, not overloaded with details, so that children could freely express themselves and decorate the space with their bright things and ideas.

The apartment has many different storage spaces - two wardrobes and built-in shelves. There is a guest bathroom and a separate laundry room.

Budget category:

1. Hall 6,35 м²
2. Dressing room №1 2,27 м²
3. Laundry 2,46 м²
4. Bathroom 5,12 м²
5. Living room 47,37 м²
6. Bedroom 18,21 м²
7. Dressing room №2 4,46 м²
8. Shover 5,38 м²
9. Childroom 18,24 м²
Total area: 109,86 м²