Today, the Dud Advice headline is with you, and we will start with tips for everyone who wants to order a design project, but doesn’t know where to start or what to expect as a result. So:

1. When choosing an executor, do not pay attention to the portfolio of the designer/studio and his vision of the design. Your "I know what I want" and "actually, I have figured out everything, I’d just like to select the furniture" is much more important. Everything will be as you wish.
2. You can ask your neighbors if they have a cool expert in mind.
3. Subscribing to "Ideas for Your Home" and "My Favorite Home" can help too.
4. If you cannot decide, choose the one who makes it cheaper.
5. Is the executor selected? Great. It’s high time to pray.
6. Do not bother with approving the proposed layout. Everything can be "moved" afterwards.
7. You don’t need to concern yourself with the proposed concept/sketch too.
8. Visualization can be edited to infinity. For free.
9. Do not try to understand the designer’s motives, make decisions with your heart.
10. Be firm and adamant in your decisions, even if you are discouraged by the whole studio.
11. Some more edits? No problem.
12. You don’t need to check drawings and estimates. It is long and uninteresting.
13. The cost of implementation may not exceed the cost of the design project. See through the trick.
14. If the cost of the service of assembly and supervision exceeds the cost of the design project - do not mess with these crooks.
14. You can easily take up assembling by yourself.
15. And also supervision.
16. By the way, this is a great reason to take a leave.
17. Meanwhile, you will have time to take a close look at the drawings.
18. Well, if you decided to order services of the designer supervision and assembly, then don’t give the designer a centimeter of freedom. Be on your guard every second. You have paid the money not for nothing.
19. Never buy what you deem to be unreasonably expensive. Even if the designer is completely within the budget. The shitty chandelier is not worth it.

Save this post in the bookmark, so as not to lose it and refresh in the memory when the time to receive the keys to a new apartment or to open another institution in the vastness of our endless motherland comes.

Love, Pablo