In fact, the question is very important, and not everyone understands that the interior designer is your friend and associate for the next few months, and sometimes a year. Therefore, you need to choose not only with your mind, but also with your heart.

1. Choose the style of the future interior

First, decide for yourself in what style you see your future interior. The point is not even to decide on the name (classic, modern, minimalism) - now everything is very conditional and the boundaries are blurred - but rather to understand for yourself what image the interior should have. Maximum comfort or technological effectiveness and functionality? Light or dark? Emotions, like from an expensive modern hotel or a country house in eco-style? "Active" lighting or a tender atmosphere? Spend half an hour and collect a selection of everything you like on Pinterest. Now you can start searching for an executor.

2. Explore the portfolio of designers

Start selecting by portfolio! The works made by the designer must meet your criteria and vision of the future interior. Forget about selling sites, promotions and discounts. Do not look at the list of accomplishments, "feedback from satisfied customers" and promises to realize all the brightest dreams. It is often a lie and unsubstantiated slogans. As practice has shown, the best studios have the most simple and concise sites. The more unnecessary information, enticing phrases and bright banners, the poorer the content of the portfolio.


  • 3. Check prices and services

    Only after you select several suitable candidates, you can look at the prices and package of the project. Do not rush to part with those whose services, in your opinion, are above the average on the market. Find out what makes up the price, and how the services of a particular specialist differ from other similar offers. Beware of those who are ready to make a design project within a month. 


     4. Choose a designer you trust

    Be sure to arrange a meeting for getting acquainted. Asking important and exciting questions, remember - you are looking for an assistant. Not a rival, not a contractor and not an executor in its pure form. But a person who tells you exactly what you need. Trust him as a psychologist and let him do his job. If there is no trust, it means that you made a mistake in the choice initially. If you had a sad experience, perhaps the designer was not the problem. People either fit together or not. Maybe you just made the wrong choice, it happens

    And most importantly, remember, if the designer stands his ground and does not agree with all your “wishes and dreams”, he only cares about the final result. Not all ideas are good together. After all, you do not argue with your dentist about the composition of the seal to use. You only need a healthy tooth