Our corporate style has turned out to be rather strict. There are no graphic elements in it, and the main color range is monochrome. On the one hand, this is good, because it shows our responsible attitude to work. But on the other hand, it does not fully convey the young, ambitious and cheerful spirit of our company. Therefore, a few months ago, we came up with the idea to develop some kind of graphic sign - memorable, funny and casual.

The graphic element was supposed to be somehow related to the company. Fortunately, we did not have to wait long for inspiration. At the beginning of the joint work, when there was no name Cartelle Design yet, in difficult moments Nastya and Denis cheered each other up with the phrase: "We will manage, we are a band." The "band" rather quickly turned into a "panda" (for some unknown reasons). And soon all working dialogues began to end with "We are a panda" and the panda emoji. This story has generated our new element of corporate identity Pablo Panda.


  • Pablo Panda

    Personality traits:

    • the most devoted member of the Cartelle
    • self-confident, relaxed merry fellow
    • brash outside, but kind inside
    • 100% devoted to design
    • true adept of style
    • favorite color combination – monochrome
  • Pablo will be depicted on a lot of new corporate cards and mugs, which, by the way, can be won in our Instagram (follow the contests, the first packages have already been sent to the winners). A series of corporate posters is under development. And of course, Pablo will become a frequent guest of our Instagram. You will see our panda, now you know his name.