How do you think, what is most important in the process of project implementation?


Competent package of drawings and documentation

It must contain EVERYTHING. Everything - means absolutely every screw, so that in case of a project delay, a year later, you can open the project and remember everything.


As detailed estimate as possible

Include every towel, every toilet brush, every hook for kitchen cloths in the estimate. It should be complete - everything that you have drawn in the project, including posters, frames and other stuff. Everything to the estimate! And do not forget, my friend, to include an additional 5-10% of the total amount for unforeseen expenses in the estimate. Unforeseen expenses are the delivery, unloading, some damned glue for the parquet, without which you cannot do, because your royal butt wanted to make joints without sills. And other crap, which really cannot be taken into account! Include these percentages, and you won’t have to blush and suffer from shame in front of the customer, who will be shocked by the amount of money which he will pay for it.

  • Log of designer supervision

    Write down every step there. Every visit. All questions arising during the day. Keep it online on Google Drive so you can log in from any device. Within five months of the construction, there will be a huge number of questions, you must not forget anything. Your memory for little things is your face. Scroll through the log every 2 weeks.


    Construction schedule and procurement schedule

    It is important! 80% of designers f*** up deadlines. There are already whole legends about creative personalities like designers who work at night and sleep on pink clouds. You can be with the majority and not do it, or you can choose a different way.


    Table of costs

    Write down all payments there, exact dates, those whom you paid, delivery dates, and amounts of additional payments.


    Adequate foreman

    The one who can read the drawings, whom you trust and who trusts you.



    This is the most important thing at the construction site. The team includes: designers, customers, a foreman. If all three are focused on the result, and there is the relationship of trust between them, then love and harmony will reign at the construction site.