Many people ask, why we work together? How did we meet?

I like to remember this story, because it is very funny. It was like this:

We met due to a coincidence. In the spring of 2015, my partner and I went to Moscow to the Batimat exhibition. At the same time, at the other end of our vast homeland, a young man who had not slept for several days sent his project to the “Living space” competition, which was held by the Batimat exhibition, a few hours before the deadline for submission of applications.

While my partner and I were walking at a leisurely pace through the long corridors of the exhibition and looking at unknown foreign luxury items, his project was gaining votes ... And around the time when I jumped into the train back, his project won. There was depression of one and a half month waiting for me ahead.

When I got home, I could not work. I could not sleep well; I was on a losing streak of creative crisis. Because the only thing I could do was to look at that divine project which had won at the exhibition, from which I had just returned. I had the feeling that someone had climbed into my head, stolen my thoughts, all my creative ideas and realized them, without me. I flipped through the project, cried and ate donuts. This went on for almost a month and a half. The feeling of my own misery was replaced by the feeling of delight before the author’s genius. The most interesting thing is that, this whole time, I did not know who the author was. And when some Denis Krasikov asked to add me as a friend in vKontakte, I looked through his page and understood that the person was connected with the design and just added him. Imagine my surprise when I accidentally found out that that person was the author of the project, which destroyed, as it seemed to me, my entire creative career.

  • Our communication began with communication on the topics of design and confrontation. We disputed, swore, vied, competed. Every day was a sheer frenzy of emotions. In that chaos, we tried to create. It all lasted until one day we realized that we thought very much the same and all that swearing was because each of us tried to prove to the other that he was better. And in fact, we had a completely different experience and a completely identical view on the design. We both wanted to change this world by creating something incredible. After a while, we realized that all these emotions of envy, disagreement, rejection - carried terrible destructive energy, and since we devoted our lives to creating something beautiful, we decided to leave it all in the past. When we found a common denominator, there was only the pure design left.

    Now we are bound by a common cause and firm friendship. And we create in absolute harmony. We have found our calling and are looking for people just like us, who have found their place, know what they want from life and plan to beat the shit out of all foreign colleagues in the future =) We are not aggressive, we are simply upset by the position of Russian design on the world stage.