When I was 12, there was the news about Malevich’s exhibition on 1 channel, and there was a long report about the “Black Square”. I remember how indignant I got by this kitsch. And surely each of us has heard the following phrases repeatedly in live:

  • "That kind of money, for such a piece of crap?"
  • "Why is this da Vinci so cool? Any artist from Nevsky Prospect will paint not any worse than him!"
  • "Picasso? Even my two-year-old child paints better than this Picasso of yours."
  • "Rubens? He is just a sick man in pantaloons with inadequate passion for cellulite. Well, how can one paint such a thing? It should be against the law!! "

It is impossible to perceive art out of time. It always lives in context. Art is inextricably linked with time. In the ancient world at the very onset of the appearance of art (40,000 BC), when all human life was subject to survival - it was hunting magic, tools decoration, rock painting depicting hunting and animals, paleolithic Venus. In the Middle Ages, all the life of man was subordinated to God, his whole thinking was theological. Nowadays, we, modern humans, can’t understand what it means to live at that time. You should watch the cool BBC movie "The Medieval Mind". And now, when “Porn, Gays, Naked” are at the top of requests on Yandex, Google, Rambler and other web search engines, then why are we surprised that some guy nails his penis on the Red Square and calls it art? He expressed himself - well done.

We live in the information age. And now, living in ignorance is everyone’s choice. Da Vinci, Picasso, Rubens and other geniuses were and are geniuses not because they did something better than others. And because they were the first to do it. Picasso had an academic education. And this means that he knew how to paint very realistic paintings. But his style, it was his choice. When a person has knowledge, he has a choice.


  • What’s the point of this strange post?

    If it so happens that you are engaged in the design, but you don’t have any artistic or related education at all. Get it! Take up self-studying! Read the history of art, style history, design history. Find out why the ribbon window appeared? How did the Panton’s chair come into being? What is the industrial revolution? After all, our profession emerged thanks to it! Get yourself Neufert’s encyclopedia. Ergonomics is our everything! Color perception, coloristics, color wheel, color psychology. Basics of composition

    Having gained this knowledge, you will stop beating your head against the wall in an attempt to reinvent the wheel. Perhaps this will keep you out of the decision to whirl the wavy ceiling in your project. Perhaps you will learn to appreciate the history and appreciate people who are older than you. Perhaps you will visit the Hermitage and see it in a different lightPerhaps you will become a genius in your profession, because not everyone is naturally talented like Denis and my sister. These guys are just lucky to be born them. And for ordinary mortals like me - discipline and work.

    There is a key in your hands. And you are the only one to decide whether this key will be to all doors or to the dungeon of oblivion. After all, only after building a solid foundation, you can build a house. Otherwise, everything will collapse to hell!!

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