Sometimes it happens that you feel really sad. And each person seeks salvation in different ways. Someone looks for an outlet at the bottom of the bottle, someone goes on a trip, digs into reading books or starts to work long hours. All this is essentially the same - we run from our reality, trying to create a situation in which we forget about our problems. But the truth is that you will never be happy anywhere if you are unhappy at home!


Home is a reflection of our soul

If there is dirt and a mess in your house for a long time, then this is a broad hint of something wrong in your life. And it's not about lack of time, or a lot of things. Because we always find time for what is really important to us. And if you do not find the time to stop and sort yourself out, this only means that you do not love yourself. And if you do not love yourself and allow yourself to live in the dirt, then no designer will save you from the fall of your home!


The place where we live strongly affects our lives

1. Begin order in your home with order in your soul. Clear your thoughts of negative influence and just be happy! There are a lot of amazing things around there.

2. Throw to the dogs all the rubbish that is stored in your house. If you do not need it, nobody will need it! If you are in doubt about whether to throw something out or not, then just toss a coin. While it is still in the air, you will already know whether you are ready to say goodbye to it or not.

3. Get rid of depression. Keep yourself busy with something creative. Make a birdhouse or paint cache pots. Such work is essentially meditation. It helps to clear the mind and after a while will allow you to understand what to do next.

4. Fall asleep on one day, and wake up on the other. No matter what anyone says about early birds and night persons, but if you don’t adhere to this simple rule, you will never know what it means to wake up before the alarm clock fresh as a daisy.

5. I won’t talk about nutrition. Just listen to your body and eat consciously.


Outside is what is in your head. In this case, in your apartment. And remember, if you are not comfortable with something and you want to change something, always start with yourself. When you change, the world around you will change too. And if you have started repairs or a spring cleaning in your house, you must clearly understand what you want to see in the end. Because unintelligible specifications result in unclear situations.

And the most ingenious, in my opinion, quote about motivation, coming from Lebedev: "How can I motivate myself? – You can’t. Live in shit."

So, this is a post about the design.