Paint is one of the most affordable finishing materials of the rich diversity. A huge choice of colors, the possibility to paint almost any surface and the most important - the price in comparison with other materials - these are its main advantages. Paint is a perfect choice for walls and ceilings in the event that your budget for the repair is limited, because you get an immense field for creativity with minimal investment.

You can paint not only walls, ceilings, doors, but also furniture (we will talk about this separately in the next article), but also decor items, as well as old, seemingly unnecessary things that will acquire their second life thanks to coloring. In addition, painting walls and ceilings can be an excellent tool for space zoning.

We will not give advice on choosing or using this or that type of paint, because there is a huge amount of information on this topic on the Internet. We only say that when painting certain items, it is important to adhere to the following rules:

1. First sanding, then priming, and only after that painting.
2. Do not buy cheap brushes and rollers. Only high-quality tools will allow you to apply a perfectly smooth and beautiful coat of paint.
3. Do not buy cheap paint.
4. Before buying, be sure to consult an expert to select the appropriate paint option, specifically for your room/surface.
5. Apply at least two coats of paint, after allowing the first coat to dry.
6. Do not forget about gloves, respirator, and carefully ventilate the room in which you paint.
7. Try to use matte or super-matte paint for painting the walls and ceiling.

Talk to you later!