Ceramic tile. What do we know about it, and why do we love it?

Ceramic tile is a well-loved finishing material for many. It is strong, durable, its design is diverse. The tile can be used in finishing floors, walls, facades, used as decorative inserts in furniture, various panels. You will be limited only by your imagination.

On what basis do we choose tiles for our projects? 

Mostly according to decorative characteristics - color, texture. It is important to always remember that tile is an element that will be replaced in the apartment at the very least. You can change the furniture, repaint the walls, buy new curtains. And the tile will live there until the owners decide on very drastic actions, which happens quite rarely. Therefore, the tile must be chosen very carefully.

The photo with yellow diamonds shows the tile of the Mutina factory. It is difficult to call the product manufactured by this factory just a finishing material. I suppose, those who saw it live will agree with me that this ceramic tile is a real work of art. It has different variations of forms, complex color combinations and a completely unique texture which causes tactile ecstasy. Used in the interior, after 10 or even 20 years, it will be in trend. Such tiles, like court shoes, will always be in fashion. But all the uniqueness of this material, plus transportation costs for its delivery, led to the fact that it costs an arm and a leg - more than 15 thousand rubles per square meter. Each project has its own tasks and goals. And that’s why Mutina is not an option for everyone.

  • There is a huge number of very beautiful, interesting and modern ceramics at a cost of no more than 3,000 rubles per square meter

    Hexagons with blue ornaments (in the photo) - this is our well-loved Peronda from Spain, which pleases us with its democratic prices and the relevance of its collections. It has very good print quality, it is a pleasure to hold it in hands, and, in general, it delights your eye and wallet

    If we consider Russian manufacturers, we can point out the Estima factory. Many collections of this factory have a rather interesting design, and the prices are around 1000 rubles per square meter. And, maybe, the Grasaro factory. The tile is rather crooked, and not very easy to lay, but as a very budget option, it came through for us several times

    From more budget tiles, for 300-500 rubles, we would recommend to use only single-colored tiles, covered with glaze, because any print at this price has pixels. It looks so poor that you want to shoot yourself. Coupled with the image of tulips and dolphins, which are massively distributed by such chain stores as Maxidom - give me a pill of oblivion, I want to forget all this “beauty”. 

    After reading this essay, you may have a feeling that we promote the purchase of hugely expensive tiles. In fact, we do not. We promote good design. And in the hands of a good designer, even the usual white tile for 300 rubles will sing in such a voice that Celine Dion won’t hold a candle to it.

    I wish everyone inspiration and love!