Most manufacturers of custom-made upholstered furniture are usually located in very interesting places. You have to go through many obstacles to get there. For example:

  • to get to the location (to write the address);
  • to get a pass at the gate (not to forget the passport);
  • not to get lost in the territory (not to forget the map);
  • and not to break your leg on broken stairs leading to the abode of furniture (to put on comfortable shoes).
  • As a rule, there is total creative chaos inside. Our favorite customers are usually horrified by such a picture. Therefore, we try to choose everything ourselves, or bring samples for approval to the site.

    Beautiful, well-kept offices, located in the city center, where you can drink delicious coffee and sit on a comfortable sofa - that's all very cool. But it is always a big add-on to the total price of furniture. And expensive is not always a synonym for quality. And since we do not have the primary goal to ruin our customers - the office location and the cleanliness of the workplace don’t matter for us. The attitude to work, love for furniture, quality, and of course the deadlines – that’s what matters.

    We love our work and appreciate people who love their work as much as we do.