Despite the fact that cement tile is gaining its popularity every year, it so happened that we order it for the first time. In one of our projects, we needed a dark green tile, a rather complex shade. We did not find anything like that in ceramics for more or less reasonable price. Therefore, it was decided to order cement tiles

Today we have received photos of our samples. Now they are drying at production site, and we will meet only in a week. But even the photo shows how beautiful they are. Later we will talk about nuances of laying cement tiles and how to process them, in terms of the search for various decorative effects. And of course, we will share contacts if you ask =)

  • Cement tile is undoubtedly a widespread trend. It has gained its popularity primarily due to its capabilities. It can be made to order, in any color and with almost any pattern. The tile shape can be square, triangle, hexagon, octagon, etc. The material is strong, durable. It can be coated with wax, polished to a shiny surface, or left in its original matt performance. Variations of the combination of this tile are endless. Simply put, not a tile, but a dream. A real find for the designer.